Healthcare Around the Globe


Addison Wendling, Staff Writer

Healthcare Policies Around the Globe

All around the globe healthcare policies differ. While some countries view healthcare as a human right, others view it as something to be left to the free market. In the United States the debate is the source of many protests and differing political opinions. So what is universal healthcare? Universal healthcare is a system that has all citizens fall under the same healthcare provider that is paid for by taxes. Though multiple countries have universal healthcare, not all countries use it effectively.

Canada is a country famous for their universal health care, however many citizens have complaints about the policies in place. One of the most prevalent concerns is that certain conditions and needs are prioritized over others. For example, things like emergency surgery are placed at a higher priority than something such as a yearly checkup. This would mean that there are long wait lists set in place and can have people waiting for long periods of time to get vital treatment from doctors.

Australia is under the healthcare system referred to as Medicare (their form of Universal healthcare). Not only is Medicare a healthcare system for physical ailments it also offers mental health services. Australia is also known for their work in disease prevention not just treatment. However, there is a concern that free healthcare will not last forever in the country due to the higher taxes.

The United States is a country that does not use universal healthcare. Obamacare was a system set in place to provide healthcare to those who are unable to afford it. However, Trump has worked hard to remove Obamacare, most likely due to taxation. Currently, 90% of Americans have access to healthcare however treatments and medicine can be expensive and not accessible by many low income families.

In Algeria there is public healthcare which is offered to all. However, there is a private healthcare system which consists of 250 private hospitals. Due to COVID-19 the healthcare system has struggled due to their main export (oil) dropping in value. Algeria has been credited as having some of the best healthcare globally, this goes to show that universal healthcare is not always the best option.

In conclusion, universal healthcare is still debated by many and the system is not perfect. As time goes on there may be a jump towards providing healthcare to all due to political movements, but for now the system is still not in place in many countries and not reliable in many others. While universal healthcare may seem ideal there are flaws with the system that have to be worked out before it can be considered the perfect option.