The Do’s and Don’ts For This Holiday Season

Anika Mailey Sta. Maria, Staff Writer

2020 has proven to be a very trying year for everybody. And while most, if not all, of us want to start travelling and visiting family this holiday season, we have to remain vigilant on sticking to Covid-19 regulations. In doing so, this will require us to reorganize our holiday to-do list this year. Let’s take a look at the do’s and don’ts for this holiday season!




  • Watch holiday films/shows! Winter is the best season to wrap yourself up in warm blankets, binge your favorite shows, and to eat to your heart’s content! You could either re-watch an old favorite, such as The Polar Express, which is about a skeptical boy who goes on an adventure during Christmas Eve, or you could discover a new series, such as Dash & Lily, a tale about two lonely teens, the holidays, and a little red notebook.


  • Decorate! Does red and green suit your fancy for your living space, or does blue and white vibe with the room better? Whether it be sprucing up a Christmas tree, or fixing up your living room, Christmas is a great time to use your imagination and ingenuity to add a little bit of holiday spirit to your everyday life!


  • Bake stuff! Nothing says the holidays more than a few cookies and a fruitcake. Taking some time off in your winter break to make some treats can be a bit lengthy, but the reward sure is tasty! Who knows? Maybe you’ll have some fun along the way!




  • Travel out of your area. While we’re all tired of seeing the inside of our homes, it would be best to stay inside during the holiday season. Besides the skyrocketing rates for Covid cases, during wintertime, people’s immune systems weaken, making them more susceptible to colds and the virus.


  • Get together with friends and family. While the holidays are the time for family and togetherness, you run the risk of infecting yourself and your loved ones with the virus if you are not careful.


  • Disregard CDC public safety guidelines! These guidelines are meant to keep you and your loved ones safe by preventing infection to others. Ignoring them puts many people, including yourself, at risk.


The holidays are a time where joy and wonder are in the air. However, there are some activities that are not recommended due to Covid-19 pandemic. And as disappointing that is, taking the necessary health precautions will help ensure that you will have a safe (and fun) time during this holiday season.