Santa Clarita Volunteers

Gabriella De La Cruz, Staff Writer

Are you looking to become a volunteer? Do you want to help people? Animals? The city’s new volunteer hub is at, a website that connects nonprofits and volunteers since October 2020.

The Santa Clarita Volunteers Hub posts businesses in need of a volunteer with a variety of opportunities to choose from! The jobs range from a non-profit American cancer society to Open Space trail cleaning.

To apply for a volunteer job, you will need to, first, pick a volunteer job that looks right for you. You have the option to visit their website if you need any added information, not on the advertising. Some jobs have added to the details under “Attachments.” They will give you some added information as well as qualifications and what they look for in a volunteer. Check the requirements and make sure your age matches the qualifications. They will also have the location of the volunteer post. These volunteer jobs are in places like Canyon Country, Newhall, and Valencia, but you might still want to check to see if you are up for the drive. Last, you will check the contact information. If the job seems right for you, contact the person whose name is on the website and wait for a job.