A Guide to Castaic’s Zen Den

Addison Wendling, Staff Writer

When Castaic High School opened, it was no surprise to anyone that the school would be putting in work to stand out among the other schools in the district. One of the ways in which this can be seen is through the work of Bring Change to Mind, a club that was started to bring awareness and break the negative stigma around mental health. With the help of teacher Mrs. Kennedy, the students were able to start work on a project that will benefit all of the students who may be struggling with their mental health This project is called the Zen Den and is a part of our district’s initiative to build wellness centers amongst all of the schools.

According to Mrs. Kennedy, the Bring Change to Mind advisor “Our goal is to provide students (and staff!) with a safe space on campus to receive mental health resources and strategies to cope with stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues.” During this stressful time, it is important that the students and staff at Castaic High take advantage of the resources available. So while we may not have access to the Zen Den yet there are other options such as the District Warm Line and virtual Zen Den that can both be used as resources for your mental health… Another benefit of the Zen Den is that it is helping students to “recognize their own mental health needs and self-refer themselves to the center when they feel they need mental health support.” 

With all of the stress that the pandemic and more has brought, Bring Change to Mind is still finding ways to help students cope. When school opens back up students will be able to access the Zen Den and get the help they need in order to seek help with any mental health struggles they may be facing.