Album Review: Life Of Don


David Flores, Staff Writer

Young rapper Don Toliver released Life of Don It is his new album It is his second studio album that he has released.  Don is Signed to Cactus Jack, a record label founded by Travis Scott, he released the album on Friday, October 8, 2021.

Toliver was born in Houston Texas and is currently 27 years old. His first album “Heaven Or Hell”  reached 44 thousand streams in its first week and has aged well hitting 1 billion streams earlier in February 2021. Early on in his career in 2017 while writing “Donny Womack ” he caught the attention of extremely famous rapper, Travis Scott. In the year 2018, they wrote the song “Can’t Say” in Travis Scott’s album which blew up Toliver’s career

Life of Don was projected to sell 55k copies in its first week, passing all his past albums sales. Overall, the album was great and many people enjoyed the vocals. 

The album comes out extremely strong with his song  “XSCAPE ” followed by “5X”. Both songs had very catchy flows and lyrics. The biggest song of the album, due to Mentor Travis Scott being on it, was “Flocky Flocky.” It hasn’t hit the billboard charts but has the most streams in the whole album.

Another big hit from the album was the songs with Toliver’s current girlfriend, Kali Uchis. Their song “Drugs and hella melodies’ ‘ was released and reached number 12 on billboard’s top 100. Also, midway through the album, he kept switching up his melodies, and every time he did it sounded great. He has strong vocals and sounded great. The songs were all very well produced and fitted to Toliver’s voice.

Toliver strongly finished off the album with the song “Bogus” and showed off his amazing flows, melodies, and vocals He also showed some flashes from his past album and past projects. 

Overall Toliver did not disappoint whatsoever The album, his voice, the production made the album great. The album has songs that deserve to be put in people’s playlists. The album was overall an 8/10 due to it sometimes having some bumps in his music but nothing was extremely bad so Life of Don is an album to look out for.