Trending Crystals


Bianca Mancinelli , Staff Writer

If you have any form of social media, you’ve probably heard some things about crystals and how popular they’ve become. Especially since the beginning of quarantine, in 2020 their popularity has skyrocketed, primarily among young women. Whether you understand the reasoning for it or not, the amount of hype behind them is impossible to deny. There are so many varieties of crystals, and according to many people, they all have properties that can affect your energy and maybe even your life. Thousands of people online are making videos talking about how their experiences went, the real question is if they actually do the things that people claim they do. 


I personally have only had one crystal before called selenite, it is supposed to help remove negative energy from places. I put it in a corner of my room that’s dark that had been bothering me for a while to see if it would help. From that one experience, I cannot really say for sure whether the crystals properties helped or if it was simply because it looked pretty, but I think it livened the area quite a bit. 


The most popular crystals people talk about are clear quartz, which is considered to be a healing crystal and can amplify your energy. Rose quartz which is supposed to aid romantic endeavors and open and purify the heart. Amethyst is helpful to relieve stress and pain of all kinds, tigers eye is used to help alleviate fears and attract good luck. The last one I want to mention is opalite, it helps cleanse kidneys and blood and gives energy to the body, mind, spirit. 


All that being said, back to the question: do they actually help with energy or affect our lives at all? Well, the scientific answer is no, there is no scientific evidence or studies that confirm that they are anything other than a natural substance. They are referred to as pseudoscience which means that they are commonly mistaken for being based on the scientific method when, in reality, there is nothing scientific supporting the beliefs people have about them. 


In fact, they likely work as a placebo, meaning that the belief that they work will make them work for you. Realistically,it’s just your brain tricking you into thinking that something is really happening or helping. However, it can work as a form of therapy and many people use them for religious purposes. By form of therapy, I mean that people can use it for “spiritual healing” 


There is really no way to know without a doubt whether or not crystals are as magical as people make them seem or if they can be useful, but without belief in anything there’s no way that we can ever find out. Maybe our science just isn’t advanced enough to understand these sorts of things yet, as of right now no one really knows. For the time being, stick to believing what makes you happy and don’t worry about what anyone else might have to say about it.